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Julien Viet is the Vert.x project lead and works at Red Hat. Julien has been developing open source software since 2002. Julien holds an engineering degree from Institut National des Télécommunications.

Open Source Involvement

I like Open Source Software and am/was a contributor of several projects

Java Involvement

One of the JUG leader of the Mars JUG


I spoke at the following conferences

  • RivieraDev 2016
  • Devoxx France 2016
  • RivieraDev 2015
  • Devoxx France 2015
  • GR8Conf 2014 : the shell for the Java Virtual Machine
  • JavaZone 2013 : the shell for the Java Platform
  • Devoxx France 2013 : CRaSH tools in action
  • Devoxx World 2012 : CRaSH tools in action
  • Devoxx France 2012 : quickie on CRaSH
  • Advanced JCR Persistence in the GateIn Portal Framework at JUDCon in October 2010
  • What's new and cool in Portlet 2.0 at JavaZone in September 2008
  • What's new and cool in Portlet 2.0 at WebExpo Bern in March 2008
  • Portlet Best Practices at Javaone in 2006
  • JBoss Portal talk Javapolis in 2005
  • JBoss World: I have been several times speaker at JBoss World



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